Spooky Forest Mani

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Get in the spirit with UnMoineau's Spooky Forest mani!

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For this look you will need: 

•Poised for Turquoise 

•Did He Wink at Me?

•Razzle Dazzler (black) 

•Yoga-Then-Yogurt (white)

•One Voice (yellow)

•Make-up sponges

•Thin paint brush

•Small dotting tool

•Clean up brush

•Nail polish remover

•Quick Dry Top Coat.

Image for step one

Start by painting two coats of Did He Wink at Me? and let this fully dry.

Image for step 2Apply both Poised for Turquoise and Did He  Wink at Me? to a make up sponge. Gently dab the sponge onto each nail and repeat this process twice. 

Image for step 3Take a clean make-up sponge and add black lacquer. Gently dab this onto the tip of the finger nail and repeat this process twice.

Image for step 4Using your thin paint brush, create your tree - as many branches as you like! (Tip: keep your brush clump free by removing excess dry polish when moving from one nail to the next!)

Next take your dotting tool and create the eyes using white polish first (yellow applied after to make those eyes stand out!)

Use your dotting tool again to create the pupil - press ever so slightly!

Clean up your cuticles using your polish remover and clean-up brush.

Completed look Top it off with Quick Dry Top coat and you are done! Spooky!


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