Punk French Mani Tutorial

Image for the Punk French Mani

Get ready for those end-of-the-summer concerts with this Punk French look. We called on nail art guru Miss Pop to create a step-by-step mani tutorial that will leave you ready to rock!

Image for Punk French Mani

You’ll Need:


At Least I Pink So 

Something About Spring

Razzle Dazzler

Quick Dry Top Coat

Tape (painter’s tape works well because it is less adhesive)

Nail Art Brush

Image for Step 1Step 1 - Set the Foundation

Begin with applying a coat of 3-in-1 Base Coat/Strengthener/Top Coat, wait for it to dry. Polish each nail with two coats of At Least I Pink So.

Image for Step 1.2Image for Step 24Step 2 - The Diagonal Effect

After your base shade is completely dry, cut the painter’s tape into triangles and place them across your nails. Smooth out any air bubbles to make sure your next coat of lacquer doesn’t get under the tape.

Polish two coats of Something About Spring on the exposed part of each nail.

Image for Step 2.3Image for Step 2.3Image for Step 2.4Let dry for just a few seconds then remove the tape quickly – peel it from corner to corner. Save the triangles!

Image for Step 3Step 3 - Make it French

Once your last coats are completely dry, add a thin line of Razzle Dazzler across the tip of your nail with a nail art brush.

Image for Step 4Step 4 - Add some Edge

Using your tape triangles as guides, cut a small corner off of each triangle, then reapply them your nails.

Fill in the gap with some more Razzle Dazzler to complete the edgy look.

Image for Step 4.2Once everything is dry (wait about 5 minutes just to be sure), brush on a layer of Quick Dry Top Coat and you’re ready to rock!

Image for Step 4.3


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