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You asked for it! After over 5,000 Facebook likes and your requests, here is a tutorial for the amazing Neon Gradient mani from The Obsessed!

Neon Gradient Supplies

You’ll Need:

• 3-in-1

• Quick Dry Top Coat

• That's Putting it Mild 

• Lay it on the Lime

• makeup sponge 

• small brush or cotton swabs 

• lacquer remover

Gradient Tutorial Step 1

After applying 3-in-1 as your base coat, polish on two coats of Lay it on the Lime. IMPORTANT: Make sure to let your nails dry completely before proceeding to the next step.

Neon Gradient Step 2
Neon Gradient Step 22
Take your clean sponge (I like to use a small round makeup sponge, cut straight across for more precision) and paint on Lay it on the Lime and That’s Putting It Mild side-by-side as seen in this photo. 

Neon Gradient Step 3

Softly press the sponge on your first nail, working quickly to cover the full nail. Do not reapply too often as the sponge can start to remove color. Instead, to build up to more coverage, continue on to the next nail, waiting for this nail to dry a little before returning to sponge on more color. Before you move on to a new nail, reapply the two shades on your sponge.

Neon Gradient Step 4Once you have sponged the two shades on all your nails, it will look something like this. To build up opacity of the gradient shade That's Putting it Mild, wait for your nails to dry a little and re-sponge with only that color.

Neon Gradient Step 5To clean up the skin around each nail, dip your small brush or cotton swab in lacquer remover and wipe the skin around each nail. Be careful not to touch the nail.
Neon Gradient Step 6Apply a generous coat of Quick Dry Top Coat. This will smooth out the sponging effect, protect your nail art from chipping and give you a high shine finish!

Et voila! The finished look!

Check out The Obsessed’s original post & a ton of other great nailspo here!

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