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Kim-pletely swatchTowards the end of January we start thinking about straying away from dark shades and embracing softer hues. We’ll never shun a deep opaque lacquer, but a shimmering pastel is always a breath of fresh air. “Kim-pletely in Love” is just the color to warm our hearts. 

Kim-pletely nail artThis shade, one of Kim Kardashian’s gems from the Kardashian Kolor collection, will leave you feeling feminine and relaxed. There is no denying that this sheer pink-with its subtle flecks of aqua-is like no other color, and when paired with a rich wardrobe, it becomes the only accessory you really need.

Turn the tables on this classic hue by adding an accent nail of monochromatic dots to your look. It’s a flirty and rebellious style that is easy to achieve, but hard to forget!

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We're the dots done by hand or with Konad? Love this look, what colour are the dots?

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