How To Get Rid of Stained Nails

How To Get Rid of Stained Nails

Have you ever removed your lacquer only to find that your new favorite color just stained your nails? This is common when using highly pigmented shades like deep reds, greens, blues, and oranges.Candid Cameron

Always using a base coat before applying your color will help prevent pigment from embedding itself in your natural nails. But, what if the staining has already occurred? No need to panic, just make a quick trip to your local beauty supply store and pick up these simple, stain-fighting supplies.


• 220-grit Nail File

• Buffing Block

• Cuticle Stick (also sometimes called an orangewood stick)

Follow these easy steps to remove that pesky tint of color without hurting your nails:


Remove lacquerStep 1

Remove your lacquer with cotton balls or nail wipes saturated in an acetone-based lacquer remover. (We’re partial to OPI’s Expert Touch Lacquer Remover.)

Clean underneath the nailStep 2

To get any lacquer out from underneath your nail, soak a nail wipe in remover and put it on the tip of a cuticle stick. Then, use it as a tool to gently wipe the underside of your nail clean.

220 grit nail fileStep 3

Now that your nails are bare, break out that 220-grit (it should be soft and foamy) nail file and GENTLY run it across the surface of your nail in a quick back and forth motion until the stain disappears. (You may need to wash your hands after this step to get rid of any stray filing dust.)

file nailsclean

buffing blockStep 4

Once your nails look back to their natural shade, take the buffing block and in that same quick back-and-forth motion, use it to shine up your nails.

And you’re done!

buff it

To complete the pampering, treat your freshly buffed fingers to a moisturizing hand and nail cream.

clean nails

Now you’re ready for your next Nicole by OPI manicure!


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