DIY Saran Wrap Mani

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Here it is! The step by step you've all been waiting for by UnMoineau!

Supplies for DIY Seran Wrap Mani

To achieve the Marble look you will need:

1. All four Nicole by OPI Fall shades including Berry the Hatchet, Poised for Turquoise, Did He Wink at Me? and Dazzling With Talent. 

2. Nail Polish Remover and a make up brush for cuticle clean up. 

3. Small piece of tin foil to place a few drops of each polish for dipping. 

4. Three pieces of Saran Wrap crumpled up into little balls.

5. Quick Dry Top Coat.

Image for Berry the Hatchet

First, paint your base shade using Berry the Hatchet. Allow the base to fully dry before moving on.

Image for Poised for TurquoiseUsing Poised for Turquoise, dab the first saran wrap ball into the paint (Tip: dab a few times onto dry part of the tin foil to remove  any excess clumps!) Gently dab onto your base and repeat a few times over each nail.

Image for step 3

Repeat the steps you took with Poised for Turquoise using a fresh saran wrap ball.

Image for step four

Add a layer of Dazzling With Talent. Dip your make up brush into your polish remover and gently wipe away any excess polish around your cuticles and fingertips.

Image for complete mani Top Coat your masterpiece and admire your work!

Check out the tutorial on UnMoineau's page and other great nail art looks here!

Image for UnMoineau


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