Back to School Snack Manis!

Image for Back to School Snack Manis!

It's that time again... Back-to-School season is here! And what's our favorite subject? LUNCH TIME!  


Second only to a fresh new notebook, snacks are our favorite part of going back to school. To celebrate going back to the benches for another year's worth of mid-day meals, we created manis to match all of our favorite brown-bagged treats! Check 'em out and tell us what your favorite back to school snacks are in the comments below!


DORITIOS | Get the look with: Fresh Squeezed & Yoga-Then-Yogurt.

Image for Fresh Squeezed and Yoga-Then-Yogurt

Image for Ring Pop Mani

RING POP | Get the look with: Always a Flirt & Emerald Empowered.

Image for Always a Flirt and Emerald Empowered

Image for Apple Mani

APPLE | Get the look with: Please Red-Cycle.

Image for Please Red-Cycle

Image for Yoo Hoo Mani

YOO HOO | Get the look with: American as Apple Pie and Live in the Momentum

Image for American as Apple Pie and Live in the Momentum

Image for Snack Pack Mani

SNACK PACK | Get the look with: Backstage Pass & That's Putting it Mild

Image for That's Putting it Mild and Backstage Pass

Image for Gold Fish Mani

GOLD FISH | Get the look with: Sky's the Limit and Fresh Squeezed.

Image for Fresh Squeezed and Sky's the Limit

Image for Grape Mani

GRAPES | Get the look with: Fisher Queen & Daffy Dill.

Image for Fisher Queen and Daffy Dill

Image for Twix Mani

TWIX | Get the look with: American as Apple Pie & Carried Away.

Image for Carried Away and American as Apple Pie


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