Do Good…Feel Good

Product Code: NI 252
Image for Do Good…Feel Good
A feel-good shade of baby pink.


I love the colour, but

I love the colour, but unfortunately it doesn't go well with my super pale skin. Also, it takes about 5 coats to go opaque and the new brushes are very streaky. I won't be buying it again.

it goes with everything! a

it goes with everything! a good neautral pink...♥

Hi All, I so totaly love this

Hi All, I so totaly love this colour im actualy wearing it right now and its really good for wearing it with these clothes colours, blue, peach, red and the most glamourous colour, saphire. My long nails also compliment this gourgeous shade of crushed pink so if you can try not to bite them. did you know that when you bite your nails 5000 million bad bacteria enter your mouth so next time try not to bite your nails.I have to disagree with the other comenter how she or he said that this colour goes with everything. that is the biggest and dumbest fashion disarster ever, only joking alougth the colours i named earlyer are most sutible and the pink does definitly not go with these colours, brown, green, taupe, uburn, teal and rockery.I hope my advise and tips help all of you opi wears out there. Please do not coment rudly about my corrections or tips and say that they are wrong because i am currently 22 and left school when i was in grade 10 for a beautision scolership i passed my tafe and studdies with flying colours and am now a professional beautision with alot of money in my pockets. So any rude comments will be reported.

Love the try it on.

Love the try it on.

A beautiful nudey pink colour

A beautiful nudey pink colour ,very neutral and goes with anything,

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