TV Ready Color

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Ever wish a camera crew was following you around capturing your antics? If so, we may have the next best thing. We can’t get TMZ to your doorstep, but we can adorn your nails in hues fit for a star.  Your hands will be in the spotlight, and your inner celebrity will shine through, with the seven new Kardashian Kolor shades exclusively sold at CVS this month. 

 CVS Kardashian exclusives

Be a diva in a coral red like “Strike a Pose” or turn down signature requests in the creamy blush “Paparazzi Don’t Preach”. The collections vibrant hues and shimmering purples can transition your tips from winter to spring as well as jumpstart a fanclub in your honor.  It’s ok, you can thank us later.

CVS Kardashian exclusives

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