Take 1: Questions With Kylie

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What is your beauty routine the night before a photo shoot?

Shower and sleep; lots and lots of sleep.

What is your definition of beauty?

Beauty comes from within and not from the outside. I think a lot of people do have beauty, but more on the inside than outside.

What is one of your favorite places to shop and why?

I love to shop anywhere in Malibu. I love going there on Sunday nights and shopping.

Is there a reason why Sunday nights?

I’m always so busy with school during the week and then Friday and Saturday I usually sleep at a friend’s house. Sunday is the perfect day because my mom always loves to go to sushi and shop in Malibu.

What are you most excited about for today’s shoot?

Getting my nail polish. It’s a chunky glitter and not just matte. The whole line is very cool-I’m excited for it.


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out of the whole coolction.

out of the whole collection of nail polishes besided your own with would be your favorite? And why?


"most people are beautiful on the inside not the outside" ya i think kylie is one of those girls pretty on the inside you go girl!!!

Kylie and Kendall

Kylie and Kendall are so different and I think that is represented in their Kardashian kolors. Kylie wears more makeup and I think that's represented in her nail polish. Kendall is more of a natural girl and that's way represented in her kolors.

Out of all colors, which

Out of all colors, which color is your favorite?

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