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Nudes. Darks. Creams. Glitters. It seems like every time you pick up a magazine or check the hottest beauty sites they are announcing the ‘it’ trend in nail color. Luckily, Nicole by OPI doesn’t limit itself to what’s ‘hot’ right now. We love keeping up with what’s in style and embracing seasonal manis, but we can’t stop believing that, anything goes!

And how best to meet all of your carefree nail lacquer needs than by picking up Nicole’s new Target Exclusives for spring. The 12 shades in the Something About Spring collection range from the brightest of yellows to the softest of shimmery pinks. No matter your mood, the weather, or what trend you’re fixated on at the time, we’ve got you covered.

Now you can have a shade to match every jumper, electronic, and bag you own!

Target Exclusives for spring:

Target Exclusives for spring


Cool, but....

I got the app for it on my iphone and the new colors for spring are't on there. Do you know when they will or if your even going to put them on the iphone app?

Pink, Seriously and Daffy Dill

Best colors ever! Perfect for spring! LOVE THEM TOO DEATH!

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