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There is a time in every girl’s life when she just can’t decide what nail color to wear. Those moments are tragic. To help you use your time for more important things, like ogling over the latest Ryan Gosling Tumblr site, we’ve got a color that covers all the bases. Rainbow in the S-Kylie swatch“Rainbow in the S-Kylie” is a kaleidoscope glitter packed with punches of blue, green, pink, orange, yellow & silver. The varying glitter sizes create a prism of color when worn alone, or transform your look when layered. Chosen by Kylie Jenner as one of her Kardashian Kolor shades, she loves “Rainbow in the S-Kylie” because it’s an outrageous chunky glitter. 

Get these three unique looks when you polish a coat of “Rainbow in the S-Kylie” over your favorite Nicole by OPI shades. 

Rainbow in the S-Kylie looks1.Layer over a matte white or a light shimmer like “It’s All About The Glam”. When you layer “Rainbow in the S-Kylie” over a white, the glitters pop. This look is feminine, adventurous, and perfect for year-round wear. 

2.Layer over a classic Nicole shade similar to one of the glitter colors in “Rainbow in the S-Kylie”-we chose "Diva Into The Pool". This combo is ideal for the girl who likes glitter, but wants her color to be focused. Your base color will set the mood for your overall look, but still give you a bit of diva-worthy shine. 

3.Go extra edgy when you polish “Rainbow in the S-Kylie” over a dark matte like “Razzle Dazzler”. This will be an alarmingly fabulous manicure for the confident, rebellious girl in you. 

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Important Question!

I'm Indian but I do not have dark skin; it is kind of a coffee frappichino shade and I was wondering if anyone knows if it would look good on such a skintone! Thanks!

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