Nails As Sweet As Sugar

Cupcake Nails

Cupcakes. They have been all the craze for the last few years, and beyond being delicious and adorable, they are the perfect spring-time nail color influencers. We blame OK Sweetheart's "Home" video and Kristin Wiig's Bridesmaids baking skills for giving us the sweet 'nail' (get it?), but we couldn't help but think there are some Nicole shades guaranteed to give you delectable nails. While you don't need to have little desserts on your tips (though we have seen some impressive nail art that looks good enough to eat), you can simply polish on similar shades as frosting hues to create a fun and flavorful look. 

This video influenced us, what influences your nail color/look choices?

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I am a total geek so that

I am a total geek so that tends to influence my nail color choices. With the last Harry Potter movie coming out soon, I've been looking at forest green and silver (the latter usually being the silver shatter from the main OPI line) to go with my Slytherin mood but I am also going to be trying out some Star Trek inspired colors as well. I also have a "zombie nail" combo.

Well, I usually choose a

Well, I usually choose a color depending on the weather, or my mood! But these are really ni colors!! yummi! Visit my nail polish blog -

My Choices!!

I chose my nail colors by the colors of the season. This season the colors are neons and light colors. My nails right now are nicole by opi pink titamium. My color is light by shiny! A modern take on a trend.

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