Nail Art Tutorial: Festive Stripes

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Looking for a fun and festive mani to wear to your upcoming holiday gatherings? Here is a simple striped look that will get your tips noticed!

Festive Stripes Supplies Image

For this mani we used (from L to R): The Next CEO, Basking In Gloria, Shoot for the Maroon & My Jay or the Highway.

If you don't have nail art tape in your mani kit, you can find some at your local beauty supply store or online. It's very inexpensive.

Once you have your supplies & you have cleaned and prepped your nails, you are ready to get artsy! 

Festive Stripes Step by Step image

STEP 1: Apply 2 coats of My Jay or the Highway. Let dry completely!! You may even want to wait overnight to make sure the tape in Step 2 won't pull up any lacquer.

STEP 2: Place 5 pieces of nail art tape diagonally across the nail. Make sure the pieces of tape are evenly spaced and parallel to one another.

STEP 3: Use the other 3 lacquer hues to paint between the lines. We created 6 sections with the tape, so to keep the design balanced, we polished each color in 2 sections.
Once dry, add a your top coat and you're done! 
Hope you like this look for the holidays, but it can be worn year round by just swtiching up the shades! (We're thinking a sunset gradient might be totally awesome...) 

Be sure to share your holiday manis with us on Twitter & Instagram @NicolebyOPI! 





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