Listen to Your Momager!

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Cobalt blue is one of the most sought-after shades in fashion. Worn casually or as a funky accent to a professional ensemble, a shade this versatile should be in everyone’s life. If you don’t want to break the piggy bank updating your wardrobe with this trendy hue, find an alternative way to fit it in.

“Listen to Your Momager”, a Kris Jenner shade from Nicole’s Kardashian Kolor collection, is a shimmering deep cobalt that will kiss your nails with the right amount of color and sass. This lacquer isn’t only for those of us who swooned over Jordan Catalano or felt a kinship with Blaire Waldorf; it’s for anyone with an eye for style.

momager nailart finalTurn the untamed edge of tape into a nail art tool and give yourself a manicure that would make momma proud. (If you ever failed art class, now is your time to shine!) Using “Listen to Your Momager” as a base for this daring look, place the rough edge of two strips of Scotch tape across your nails, creating a line of exposed nail in between pieces. Polish “Positive Energy” over the exposed nail, keeping the layer thin. Then pull the tape off of either side of the nail and finish of your tips with Top Coat. momager nail art steps

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