Life In Lacquer

One Less Lonely Girl Winncer of Justin Bieber Contest
Posted on Friday, March 25th, 2011
Originality, creativity, a great story, and of course, polished nails. That’s what the grand prize winner of Nicole’s Be THE One Less Lonely Girl video contest showed us. Congrats to Amber S, Sarah S, and Jillian B for their story-line/dancing video of the Bieber track “Pray” that helped them win the ultimate Bieber bundle!They weren't the only one whose entry had us smiling though. All of the videos were outstanding, but these 9 fans will be taking home runner-up prize packages of a life-sized Justin Bieber Standup and six shades from the One Less Lonely Girl collection. Congrats go out to:Olivia LJamie EPatricia SErin W
Picture for Oh Me, OH Land, Björk, La Roux
Posted on Tuesday, March 15th, 2011
Maybe it’s because we loved the film Black Swan or our endless girl crushing on fashion-forward chicas like Alexa Chung and Kate Bosworth, but when we first heard the talented Danish electro-pop singer Oh Land, ballet and beauty quickly became our biggest obsessions.Once an ambitious ballerina, a back injury encouraged Oh Land to pursue another love, music. And we’re sure glad she did. Her charm and exquisite beauty radiates through her music, fashion and videos. The video for her first single, “Sun of a gun”, shows off her dancer’s legs and is reminiscent of Tesla’s experiment in The Prestige.
Posted on Monday, March 7th, 2011
A new year means a new beginning, and for many of us that means a new place to call home. Like picking the perfect nail color, decorating an apartment can become an obsession. The time spent trying different shades on, scouring the web for nail art ideas and MMSing pics to our BFF to affirm we aren’t sending the wrong message is now shared with reading ELLE Décor, consulting recent Apartment Therapy posts for inspiration and debating over feeling cozy or modern most of the year.
Posted on Monday, February 28th, 2011
From the catwalk to the red carpet, the last few weeks have shown us that 1) glamorous silhouettes with lace are here to stay and 2) nude nails are the hottest trend taking us into spring. Luckily, it’s not just Florence Welch or Michelle Williams who can pull both of these stunning looks off. Because whether you need a break from vibrant colors or want a shade that is always occasion-appropriate, there is guaranteed to be a nude hue to suit you. Try Nicole by OPI’s shimmery Sheer Fun! or You Can!. Doll it up a bit more with the lovely crème pink nude Do Good…Feel Good.
Posted on Tuesday, February 15th, 2011
When we were young we performed in school talent shows to our favorite songs of the time. Artists like SWV, New Kids on the Block and Kriss Kross had us ‘Roger Rabbiting’ across the stage and battling to win street cred amongst our peers. That’s all we won though, bragging rights. Call us ungrateful, but Nicole by OPI thinks those willing to show off their skills need a bit more than a pat on the back, so we’ve decided to have our own ‘talent show’ of sorts. Nicole by OPI’s One Less Lonely Girl video contest allows you to display your dance moves and/or singing skills for a chance to win the entire One Less Lonely Girl collection and a bundle of Bieber merchandise.
Posted on Wednesday, January 26th, 2011
As a female you can’t deny an appreciation for shiny things. We are born to believe diamonds are our best friends. Massive bracelets and rings have become staples in our wardrobe.  And we can’t take our eyes off of our favorite band’s sweaty lead singer. So when a lacquer collection comes around that turns our nails into gleaming mirrors of pastel, we couldn’t be happier. Paired with a solid outfit of black or your favorite beige blouse, Nicole by OPI’s new Liquid Metals can not only be used to save you on a deserted island (practice your SOS hand movements just in case), but can help you get the attention you deserve. With names like “Miss Independent” and “The Next CEO”, everyone you meet will know you mean business. If you’re unsure on what pieces to pair with these tinted silvery hues, we’ve got four ideas to get you going.