Life In Lacquer

Image for Oh That's Grape O-Ward Winner
Posted on Monday, March 24th, 2014
From Pantone naming Radiant Orchid the Color of the Year, to Oprah dedicating her spring makeup awards to this captivating hue, it’s clear that purple is having a major moment. We are thrilled that our creamy violet hue “Oh That’s Just Grape” caught Oprah’s eye! She awarded the lacquer “Most Captivating Shade” in her 2014 Spring Makeup O-wards, featured in the April issue of O Magazine. So, we’re celebrating with fresh blooms and macarons, in our O-ward winning shade, of course!
Image for Beauty Essentials Coconut Oil
Posted on Monday, March 17th, 2014
You've probably heard the buzz around this "all-in-one" wonder oil, and we must admit, the hype holds up. Aside from being a cholesterol curbing cooking oil, coconut oil a great natural (and cheap!) alternative to a gambut of beauty products. You can now find coconut oil at most grocery stores, especially health-focused chains like Whole Foods and Trader Joes. When using coconut oil on the body, you want the purest form to cash in on its beauty benefits. So look for one that is organic, extra virgin and un-refined. When you get it home, you may find that it is a solid white mass, but don't fret! It will liquify at about 78˚F.
Image for Roughles
Posted on Monday, March 3rd, 2014
This spring, let’s get ready to ROUGHLES!! Our newest innovation yet – Roughles nail lacquers come in four fun springtime shades: purple (“I’m Stucco On You”), pink (“Rock the Look”), turquoise (“On What Grounds?”) and yellow (“Sand in My Shoe”). But these aren’t just any pastel polishes! Roughles go on like regular polish, but dry to a speckled, textured finish. We recommend you skip the top coat to keep your mani in its original matte state, but if gloss is the name of your game, feel free lay down a clear coat!
Valentine Manis Header
Posted on Tuesday, February 4th, 2014
No matter if you're in crazy in love or just loving the single life, Valentine's Day nail art is a way to wear your heart on your sleeve fingers!   These 13 nail art looks are as diverse as a box of Sweethearts! Whether you choose to send the message "BE MINE" or "KEEP DREAMING" is up to you! Let this loveable round-up be your inspiration.
Nicole by OPI New 2014 Shades Header Image
Posted on Friday, January 3rd, 2014
Ring in 2014 with our 15 new nail lacquers!   We are welcoming the new additions to our core shade selection with open arms and freshly prepped nail beds as this refresh of our color range is a bit overdue. While some of our sheer and shimmery classic shades are still best sellers, we wanted to give you ladies an even broader range of lacquer to play with! 
DIY Gift Guide Header Image
Posted on Thursday, December 5th, 2013
We love homemade pressies! A personalized touch makes gift giving that much more special. Although, great as the handmade gift may be, sometimes we get busy (I mean, there are Holiday parties, parades, potlucks and pressie swaps almost bi-weekly these days) or stuck in a creative rut (you can exhaust your right brain on holiday nail art choices alone, never mind personalized presents for all your family and friends!) The good news is, the solution to "giving DIY" while both saving time and cashing in on someone else's creativity is just a few clicks (and your credit card information) away! If you haven't already, say hello to: