Growing Your Tips

Nail Growth

In college, we were determined to get strong nails and long locks. We spent our weekend money on weird supplements that boosted instant growth results - the ingredients too complicated to pronounce. But after constant paranoia that the scent of the pills were permeating from our pores, we abandon ship and pinky-promised a life of healthy eating, taking normal vitamins, and using excellent products to achieve the results we wanted.

We know that nail strength and growth-potential are partly genetic, but below Nicole by OPI suggests a few foods and vitamins to work into your diet that will help get your nails ready for a good catfight.

1. Yogurt - Other than the fact it's beneficial for a million health reasons, yogurt helps maintain nail structure. Both biotin (B vitamin) and the calcium in yogurt can rid your nails of brittleness and cracking.

2. Fish, Beans or Nuts - Whether vegetarian or a meat lover, you can get the iron and protein you need from one of these items, p preventing anemia (which causes inverted dips in the nail) and adding to nail strength. 

3. Broccoli - You need some fatty acids! Sounds strange, we know, but without it your nails may be prone to splitting. Flaking tips will not give us the nails we really want. Luckily, a little broccoli goes a long way and not only provides you with fatty acids, but also a nice dose of vitamin C (a deficiency in this can lead to hangnails, yikes). 

4. Vitamin A - There are plenty of foods with vitamin A in them, but sometimes we don't always get our daily dose from food. We've all splurged on a carb-heavy day, right? Vitamin A can aid strength and prevent nails from cracking. 

Eating healthy, exercising and keeping your hands moisturized and your nails manicured will all work together to give you the nails you've always wanted. Above are just a few suggestions to get you started, but there are plenty of ways to promote nail growth and give you brag-worthy tips. 



how do i get strong nails helpppppppppppp

Strong Nails

Your diet is obviously the best way, but if you need additional help, try a strengthening base/top coat with your polish and products like Hard as Hoof that fill your nail beds with vitamins to nourish your nails.

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