Getting Colored by Kleur

Image for Kleur

Nail art is a perfect way to express your individuality and celebrate color. While traditional nail art is cool, the crazier the better for Nicole by OPI. This past weekend some of the Nicole staff hit up Beat Swap Meet in Los Angeles-an event full of vinyl record sales, B-boys showing off their skills, and geometric-heavy manis by LA collective Kleur.

Kleur close up

Like the artwork of our June blogger spotlight For Your Nails Only, the girls of Kleur mix styles, hues and expectations by designing unconventionally stunning nails. Kleur is an appointment-only nail art collection, but their presence is strong at a range of unique LA events. If you're in LA and can't fit them in during the week, check their website for weekend events you can attend to get your nails done. 

Stellar nails were our Beat Swap Meet take-away, but most importantly, we were reminded that you never know what you'll stumble upon when you support your community. Because when you discover new nail enthusiasts and noteworthy artists, it's pretty much like striking gold.


All hands Kleur

Do you know of a salon or group that does unconventional nail art? Let us know where you go.



This is amazinnngggggggg! my family owns nail salon and we've got a few people who can do art but nothing like this! i'll have to show them! this is sooooo cool! absolutelyyy loveeee it♥

I Love it!

These designs are fabulous! I love the bright color and the use of geometric shapes and lines to really chat your eye! This is DEFINITELY a look that I would rock! Nice work Kleur Girls!!! xoxox <3 Tara from For Your Nails Only

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