Foolproof Festival Nails

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Our need for calendar organization has kicked into overdrive. We’re scouring the web for tops that will help us survive four days of in a smoldering, enthusiastic, sleep-deprived crowd. And we’re daydreaming of live performances by our newest band crushes while playing our vinyl records. That’s right, it’s festival season!

Coachella just passed, but spring and summer host a flood of epic shows and outrageous bonding experiences. With so much thought going into whether you’ll attend Sasquatch (how many game-changing indies can they cram into four days?), Pitchfork Music Festival (Baths, Cut Copy, DJ Shadow, Yuck & Zola Jesus all on the same lot! Need we say more.), or Lollapalooza (a festival that’s been around about as long as we’ve been alive has to be worthwhile) you need someone else to handle other details. Luckily, Nicole by OPI knows how you can show off perfect nails even when you’re sloshing around in mud puddles to the hottest electro-pop band.

picture of Nicole nail polish  for festival nails post1. Wear an audacious shade like “Fresh Squeezed”, “Yellow, It’s Me” or “Mango Maven”. There is no better way to let your nails express your mood and channel warm, sunny days than with a vibrant yellow or orange hue.

2. Swipe a glitter lacquer like “Tip of the Iceberg” or “Twist of Fate” over the tips of your nails or on the entire thing. We all know glitters are hard to remove, and most lacquer chipping appears on the tips from constant use of our hands. You’ll be opening lots of water bottles, poncho packages and coolers, so why not preserve your flashy fingertips with a glitter.

3. Bring Top Coat along. Since it will be warm at the show, we’re guessing your clothing won’t take up much of your bag. Polish a layer of Top Coat on at night before you pass out and your nails will stay gorgeous longer. To keep Top Coat from getting hot and gloopy, throw it in your cooler. 

4. Keep lotion and sanitizer on hand all day. Happy hands are nourished and clean. Whether you plan on plunging into mud-covered dance circles or have just coated your body with glow-in-the-dark paint, maintaining healthy-looking mitts will benefit you even once you’re back to the daily grind.

What nail polishing tips do you have to make your mani last extra long?


I want twist of fate polish

I can't find this polish anywhere anymore and it was my favorite!!


the orange and gold are so pretty

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