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When we're having a rough day, nothing puts the wind back into our sail like striking nails. Sure a single hue keeps us beaming, but what bumps our mood from drab to fab is a glittery accent nail, a two-toned design or a burst of DIY nail art.

Deciding to doll your tips up can be completely spontaneous. That's to be expected, we're girls who stay on trend! And while one day we want a creamy peach like You Can!, the next day "In your face" are the only words we want to utter when holding out our hand to show off our style. If you get the urge to go wild with your nails, but haven't invested in nail art brushes or spent a lot of time prepping, we've got you covered. Here are five household items that will make nail art a piece of cake and take your mani through the roof.

1. Scotch tape: Apply on nail to create straight lines when you want to do geometric nails.

2. Hole punch reinforcements: Use at the base of the nail to create a half moon mani.

3. Craft scissors: Use these to cut tape into different patterns or shapes for zig-zag two-toned nails.

4. Toothbrush: An old toothbrush can be used as a splatter tool for a Jackson Pollock type manicure.

5. Sponge: Use to apply varying thicknesses of lacquer-creating a gradient nail. Putting less and less lacquer towards the tip of the nail will produce an even fade away.

Common Objects Nails



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loving the hole punch reinforcements

am loving the hole punch reinforcement, and would love to try but can you help on "how to" to create this style?

the toothbrush one is so cool

the toothbrush one is so cool :) i wanna try it, i think itll look neat , im going to try it out for the first day of school.

i whant to try all of those

i whant to try all of those ideas but i only have 2 colors of nail lacquer

These are great ideas!

How lovely! who would of thought that using scotch tape or a toothbrush could make cute nail designs!

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