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When it comes to fashion and beauty, anything goes according to Abigail and Emily, the faces behind the edgy, deep-hued high fashion blog, Wanderlust. 

Friends since middle school, the girls kept up with each other’s wardrobe by sharing pictures of their outfits online once they went off to college. Emily met Scott, a film student at the same school and the three joined together and took their style to the masses. Enter Wanderlust.

We spoke to Emily and Abigail and got the inside scoop on their fashion likes, nail lacquer choices, passion for their blog, and how playing it safe can be boring. 


So you guys met in middle school. How did Scott get in the mix?
WL: Basically our friendship was always about fashion and that’s how we grew into it. Emily and I have our own sense of style and aesthetic.  Emily met Scott in college and somehow his photography perfectly mirrored that.  We’ve been working with him since after graduation, so May 2010, and he perfectly complements us.

What do you think influences your style the most?
WL: Anything really. Every single day is different for us. It could be anything from a vintage costume we saw in a book or a vintage store or going to Fashion Week and meeting new people from different countries. Our style always changes and we draw a lot of inspiration from different people —people we see on the streets. We love the Olsen twins and their style. They have such incredible pieces. We love to mix and match everything. We do high and low. We do old and new. We’re always adding something different that we find along the way.

How do you keep up-to-date? Do you follow trends or do your own thing?
WL: We like to look at the new trends, but we always wear what is comfortable for us and what we are feeling like that day. We’re never really too focused on looking like everyone else. We like to create new ideas and come up with different outfits that way.

Is there a look for spring that you’re really excited about?
WL: We’ve had our hand at the maxi dress and we think it’s becoming a staple. We just got an incredible dress the other day that has a low back and goes to the ground, so we’re really excited for that. We’re really interested in wide-legged pants as well. We’ve had our share of skinny jeans and we love them, but we’re looking towards wide-legged pants or a cigarette pant that’s cropped. We’ve been searching high and low.

Outside of fashion, what do you look forward to with beauty and nail lacquer?
WL: We love dark colors and we love to mix colors together. We are very particular with our nails; we always use OPI and Nicole by OPI.

wanderlust nails
We know you love dark nails, we see a lot of that on your site. Do your nail color picks tend to go with your outfits or is it more of a mood choice?
WL: I think it’s more of a mood. We just got our nails done yesterday and Emily has the dark purple shade from Nicole by OPI “I’m a Pool for Love.” I’m wearing OPI’s “Houston, We Have a Purple.” I think it’s a mood. Even if I wear black a lot, with spring coming I think the contrast is really interesting.

Do you try designs or do you both go for the solid look?
WL: Well, right now I have a matte finish over “I’m a Pool for Love”. It looks so cool and different. We always love to try new things. [Laughing] We attempt nail art, but we are not the best. There’s actually a cool look where I guess you put on the nail polish and then right before it dries, you imprint newspaper on it and it looks like you have articles on your nails. Something tells me I wouldn’t be good at it though.

wanderlust girlsThat’s a great idea, where did you see that? 
WL: I just saw it browsing the web.

You need to give it a go. That may be the trend that not enough people have exposure to. You’ll launch the whole newspaper mani trend! And as for Nicole by OPI, is there a shade you like most?
WL: I’d have to say “I’m a Pool for Love” is my new favorite. I love dark purple and I never can seem to find the right one. I’m obsessed with it.

Do you believe some shades don’t look good or you believe in anything goes?
WL: It’s kind of anything goes. We’re always changing.

So there isn’t a nail trend you won’t wear?
WL: I think our nail trends have been the same I guess, but always evolving with colors. I used to be the person who would go get a manicure and get the same color every single time. But I’ve slowly learned that there are so many more colors that I can venture out to and try. I’m glad I finally did. I’ve discovered so much!

Since you’ve started Wanderlust has there been an experience that you never thought you would be having?
WL:I think when we walked into Marchesa presentation this year [New York Fashion Week 2011] we were struck that we were in the same place and surrounded by amazing people and stylists. We were in awe and grateful that we were doing something we’re so passionate about, that we can share with our readers who can’t be there. We just like to keep inspiring people to do what they love.

And you run Wanderlust full-time?
WL: We’re full-time bloggers, but through the blog Scott does photography and video. Abigail and I do styling and personal shopping as well.

What is your long-term goal with Wanderlust? What’s the message you are trying to get across?
WL: The beauty of a blog is it is your platform to meet incredible people and build a network and opportunity. Luckily for us we are in New York and get to go to all of these fabulous events and parties. It’s kind of an unknown road that we are just trying to enjoy along the way. We’ve always wanted to be a part of everything, every facet of fashion.

So you three live in New York?
WL: Yes, we live in the East Village. It’s amazing; there are so many incredible vintage shops around here.

Lastly, any advice for someone wanting to start a blog?
WL: Get involved in the community. We’ve learned so much from talking with other bloggers and reading other blogs. From setting up the site, what’s better for the viewer, just new ideas and inspiration. One of our biggest tips is not to wait for an opportunity, but to create one. That’s true in life too, you need to be on the go and make your life what you want it to be. You can’t just wait for it to happen.

Completely. Thanks so much for your time. We love that you girls are edgy. We see a lot of safe looks and we like that you pull off the darker side well.
WL: We don’t like safe either.

You never take chances when you’re safe. 
WL: Exactly!


Find out more about Wanderlust by checking out their blog, 




wanderlust girls

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wanderlust girls

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love wanderlust they have an amazing sense of style!!!

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