6 Ways to Store & Organize Your Nail Polish

six ways to store your lacquer header

Ok, let’s be honest. How many bottles of nail polish do you actually own? 15? 40? 100?

Hey – we’re not here to judge. We just want to help you store your stash and get your collection of shades and supplies organized! If anything, we are celebrating your our lacquer-hoarding ways!

Here are six ideas for stowing all your nail gear, using repurposed household storage items:


Closet Jewelry Hanger1) Closet Jewelry Hanger
Hang it in your closet or on the back of a door to keep your shade range visible at all times.


Tiered Spice Rack2) Tiered Spice Rack
A simple spice rack is a great way to organize and arrange your collection (they come in a ton of designs – most work great for storing lacquer). It makes for easy polish picking!

Jewelry Stand

3) Jewelry Stand
BEST FOR: SMALL COLLECTIONS (or for showcasing a few shades you have in heavy rotation)
Find a jewelry stand that fits your style and use it to show-off your bling! (And by bling, we mean your most sparkly glitter lacquers, of course!)


Glass Jars4)  Glass Jars & Vases    
Flowers die, but lacquer last (almost) forever! A glass jar is a fresh colorful way to house your shades while adding a cool & colorful accent to your room. Most stores offer a variety of shapes and sizes. We love the idea of using a few different jars and grouping your lacquer by color.

Gift Boxes5) Gift Boxes

Turn those sturdy gift boxes that you can’t quite bring yourself to throw away into an unexpected lacquer-shelving unit. Simply attach them to your wall with mounting tabs for a polish display that’s totally out of the box.
We used our Birchbox boxes and some simple screw-in shelves for the example shown.


plastic carryall

plastic carryall 26) Stackable Carry-All
Keep your collection of lacquers and nail art tools in clear view by stashing it all in stackable, plastic containers! The best thing about this storage solution is that it can grow with your collection. Get boxes that lock on top of one-another so you can create a tower of polish & supplies. Then, when you have to travel, you can take one or two of the individual boxes on the go!


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